People can be victimized in different ways depending on the type of crime. Property crimes, including damage to property and burglary, can leave victims feeling unprotected, insecure, and out of control. Victims of personal crimes, like domestic battery and sexual assault, experience even more trauma which frequently requires counseling or therapy. By completing a case, the court can provide closure to a victim. The longer a case draws on, the longer a victim is confronted with the crime and their lack of closure. When a case is still ongoing, victims who are needed as witnesses may be retraumatized by the needs of the judicial system. Similarly, court proceedings require these victims to take time out of their busy lives to relive what is already a difficult part of their life. By limiting the number of court proceedings, victims will experience less trauma and revictimization, as they gain back control of their lives. As Justice of the Peace I will work to ensure that cases are completed efficiently so that victims can begin to move forward with their lives.