Community Resources

In Carson City, we have a variety of available resources for defendants who may need them to address substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, and anger management. The key is having the experience to know of these programs, who they work well for, and what services they provide. In my work as a Juvenile Special Master I oversaw two court programs that worked with community resources. These programs can be very beneficial when used for appropriate candidates, but placing the wrong person in these programs can lead to harm for other people involved who are trying to better themselves. In my work in the District Attorney’s Office, I have seen hundreds of cases go through the specialty courts in the area that use community resources. Through my years of experience, I will be able to identify appropriate defendants for these programs—defendants who are willing to put work in to change their situation. Community resources are also limited, so it is important to use them for those people who are going to use them. As Justice of the Peace, I will use my knowledge of these programs to use them efficiently, for defendants who want to change their situation.